Reach out to us along with your work samples, even if you don't hear back from us every time. We are looking at all entries and chances are, someday you might hear from us when we feel your work is something we can invest in.

If we do not get back to you, it doesn't necessarily mean that we do not like your music 'creatively'. As a label, we are constantly endeavouring to help you monetize your music. You see, we earn, only when you earn.


One of the key areas we add value immediately is when we sponsor your production costs for recording, mixing, mastering and music video. We understand how critical this is in launching you to the next level. A make or break, literally.

Every year, we invest in a fixed pool of Artists who are shortlisted through our Artist & Repertoire initiative. We further produce others at highly subsidised costs.

We keenly understand the critical importance 'Distribution plays in reaching your music to it's right audience, which in turn produces Stars, who then create Enterprises around their music. We are developing a compelling channel for distribution through our streaming platform 'Diage' — currently being developed in our labs.


In the meantime, we help Artists earn royalties through performance right fees from 3rd parties. 


In the ever growingly complicated maze of music monetization business, we have invested heavily in creating our own network of live-performance stages, production of content and smart revenue models to help artist derive higher returns for their creative work and decrease the growing value-gap in the music industry worldwide.



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