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What is Bangalore's Got Talent?

It is the latest in our constant endeavour to promote Independent Music, and Independent Artists. Bangalore's Got Talent is a platform where Half Step Rock offers you regular Music Recital Stages to perform for your friends and family.

It also gives you an opportunity to meet one of our 'Scouts' who may offer you professional tips to take your music and career to the next level.


Bangalore - Cafe

Artville Cafe & Academy, Kalyan Nagar,

(Near Specialist Hospital) Bangalore 560043

Performances for —

1. Vocals  with Guitars/Backing Track

2. Vocals with Piano

3. Two Piece Bands (Vocals + Instrument)

4. Guitars/Violin/Piano solo or with Backing Tracks

Bangalore - Mall

Coming Soon...

Bangalore - Pub

Coming Soon...


Bangalore's Got Talent YouTube Ad


How does it Work


It is open 5 days a week and you can just come in with your friends and family and perform, registering on-spot paying nominal fees.

Whats the fee like?
Rs.250/- for 3 Songs


We provide you world-class Live Sound and instruments for your performance.

EV, Yamaha, Fender...


We have an active repository of high quality (-1) backing tracks reproduced by professional musicians from the world over. Backing tracks outside our standard repository available on request and availability on 2 days advance notice.

English Genres


Audience capacities of between 50-100.

Nope. Never!
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