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Lords Eastern Nomads

Album: PHYNYX Rising (First Single Expected January 2020)

Singles: 8-10 Originals

Distribution: Global 

LEN (LORD'S EASTERN NOMADS) is the new band name replacing the former name, PHYNYX. The band has included a new band member to the line-up now with Len Gangte as Frontman on lead vocals/keys/guitars, Bobby on drums/vocals, B.K. on guitars, Ringo on bass/guitars/vocals and (the new member) Jimbo on keys/percussions/wind instruments/vocals. Significant highlight of the original tunes composed by the band worth a mention is their varied range of influences by great legends worldwide from different eras and genres bringing out a rare combination of melodies contributed by every band member finally marking a striking difference in it's entirety.   

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