Half Step Rock's Movie Production Arm Searching for Real Life Stories for an Upcoming Series

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Road Radio is a to-be-released original HSNebula™ Web/TV Series, conceived, created and produced by Half Step Rock. It recounts and reproduces on camera, highlights from real life stories of unrecognized heroes in India that inspire and redefine EXTRAORDINARY, irrespective of age, gender, culture and profession. It delves into lives that have been different from the normal in small and big ways, lives that are not subject to right and wrong or standard norms of the society.

So, if you think your life has been one such journey and are ready to open up about it because your story must be told, write to us at pallavi@halfsteprock.com or call @+91-9742353081.

*The series is anchored by Chika Ahuja, an artist, entrepreneur and a writer. She travels across cities to cover such unusual stories getting up close and personal with real life heroes.

A note from the anchor:

“I see their faces, telling a thousand stories

I see their eyes, searching something lost

I see the roads they have traveled

And bridges they are yet to cross.

There is a reason!

A reason why music heals pain

Why failures make you stronger

Why rejection is only the beginning of something great

Why small moments matter more

Why letting go is sometimes the only option

Why proving yourself becomes necessary

And why you simply cannot give up on your dreams.

Whoever says that heat can only melt

Hasn’t felt the heat of sun deep inside their wounds

Only healing them from the inside.

There are two worlds, one we live in and the other we want to live in!

Road Radio is my search for that one moment, that one choice, that one blow

That sets the pace and then you run your race

To the nearest star, to the roads too far

When the unknown doesn’t scare you

Doubts do not tear you

When your heart stops and beats again

When you pick up yourself and run again

You wake up to a dawn sometimes dim sometimes bright

But still walk into the universe to pick a fight.

Road Radio is also my search for love that still exists

Relationships that grow

Search for colors of life and darkness in the light

Search for faith that pulls one through

And trails that lead us somewhere new

Search for heart that refuses to give up

And minds that have changed lives."

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