Manchester’s homegrown band “Spring King” redefining 60's Pop Melodies with Punk Sensibilities

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

As per the latest music industry statistics, David Bowie, Coldplay and Adele made it to the list of top 10 recording artists of 2016 with Rolling Stones among the top 10 albums of the year. An industry body that represents the recorded music industry worldwide, named Ed Sheeran as the world's best-selling recording artist of 2017. These figures are enough to showcase the potential of forever burgeoning British talent, aren’t they? But, what about the artists that do not make it to this list?

Spring King, a punk rock band from the city of Manchester, England is among the few up-and-coming bands that are currently taking the British music scene by storm, representing the budding homegrown segment of artists in UK, talent that might not have made it to the list, yet, but is certainly making a niche of its own.

Founded and fronted by Tarek Musa, in his room in the year 2012, Spring King comprises of a bunch of high school friends - Andy Morton, Peter Darlington and a musical prodigy - James Green, who famously got enrolled in the band by replying to a Facebook post. “At university whilst studying production, Tarek became known for using a lot of spring reverb on his mixes, emulating old 60's surf and garage records, so friends simply started calling him the "Spring King" - it's definitely stuck,” James Green shared on how the name of the band was coined, in an exclusive interview with Half Step Rock.

Started as a solo project by the multi-talented Tarek Musa, who liked writing and producing a song everyday within his modest studio consisting of a tiny room and a bathroom, the band has come a long way. Spring King’s debut single “Mumma,” subsequent singles and debut EP “Demons” released in early 2014, received rave reviews from the press and the listeners, alike. “Personally three songs stick out to me, "In all this Murk and Dirt", "Heaven" and "Let's Ride". I feel lyrically Murk and Dirt and Heaven are so potent, they possess a feel of seeing the good even when it’s not there, with a touch of sadness thrown in. Whilst Let’s Ride is the avatar of chaos, it was the first song written by Spring King and encapsulates the energy I want to portray through the band,” shared Andy Morton.

Oscillating from post-punk to garage rock and back, the debut album “Tell Me If You Like To,” is a work well done by the lead vocalist and producer of the band, Tarek Musa, along with high-intensity guitar distortions that sure make the tracks appetizingly rollicking. Fast, loud and poppy remains the signature style of the band, though “the band has changed its own sound throughout the years, and it's always difficult to pigeon hole a band or artist in one genre, and obviously not just our own,” emphasized, Andy.

After struggling between day jobs and musical aspirations, the band got signed-up by a British record label in 2015, performed at the SXSW, Austin, Texas the same year and became the first band ever played on Apple’s Beats 1. Ever since the band has been touring all over Europe, Australia and the USA, doing what they love the most - perform live.

In times like today, when one has to make a choice between being a creative artist or an entertainer, in times when the North American acts rule the charts and even countries like UK remain plateaued in terms of churning out new stars, homegrown bands like Spring King are a fresh wave of passionate music, loud and spirited, that connect with the audience and have the potential to be the next big breaking act.

Let’s get them to India, soon.

UK Music Industry: Facts and figures

  • The UK music industry grew by 6% in 2016 to contribute £4.4 billion to the economy.

  • Contribution of live music to the UK’s economy went up by 14% in 2016 to £1 billion.

  • Successful British acts including Ed Sheeran, Adele, Coldplay, Skepta and the Rolling Stones helped exports of UK music soar in 2016 by 13% to £2.5 billion.

  • In 2016, UK along with France and the US was one of the three largest performance rights markets, ahead of the relatively underperforming Germany and Japan.

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