“It seems like the devil but it's just technology moving forward”

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

The Worse, Bad and Not So Bad Choices for Monetizing Music, Today.

Joe Blackford, bassist/vocalist of the Croydon based sludge-pop band Bellevue Days, in an exclusive interview with Half Step Rock said, “the current climate for musicians making money is pretty horrendous. But, I also think streaming services have kind of saved the music industry from diving into total despair. Even though they pay a tiny amount per stream, at least they do pay. Spotify in particular has drastically improved our fan base overseas. Pirate Bay pays zero and I think that's the way it was heading a few years back. So, cheers to streaming. It seems like the devil but it’s just technology moving forward."

In 2016, Frances Moore, CEO, IFPI, delivered a speech in