Life is a Half Circle of Lost and Found – Music is the Other Half

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

HYLEEN’s latest single ‘My Queen’ from her upcoming album, is a soulful ode to her mother, who she lost last year. “I lost my Mom and nothing could help me more than writing music. ‘My Queen’ is the first song I wrote during the music therapy. I wanted to have one more moment with her. So in this song we’re watching the sunset while remembering our best moments together,” shared HYLEEN, as she talks about past couple of years of creating music, in an exclusive interview with Half Step Rock.

Saying that music is an expression to one’s emotions, is like saying that the sky is blue. And yet, it is the obvious that binds it all together – Pain to Relief; Melancholy to Glee; End to a Start; Distance to Warmth; Earth to Universe. ‘My Queen’ is one such lyrical piece by the French soul singer-songwriter, released mid this year.

Encapsulating her expedition with music, since we last interviewed her post one of her visits to India in 2016, HYLEEN said “I feel like it was yesterday. How to resume briefly the equivalent of three years of life and music. It was really intense, we’ve been touring a lot with the album B-Side (Germany, Japan, France, USA and India) and it was such an incredible experience, so inspiring, that I wrote a lot of new stuff. Meeting Nicolas Viccaro and Julien Boursin, the amazing human being and musicians I’m playing with since more than two years now, has been like finding the perfect alchemy for my music.”

“The music industry is moving a lot right now. Live performances where you can sell albums remains the primary revenue channel for musicians. Streaming has absolutely not found the right place for us artists. It really needs to improve in terms of business and royalty rates for composers and writers. It’s clearly not easy for artists to find a place in the middle of this ocean. You have to know everything about social media, your marketing and performing venues. Everybody is looking for the buzz. Staying yourself is now complicated with all these profiles around you. But this is also interesting at the same time. And for my part, I just don’t know how to do it differently,” she mentioned, as she gears up to finish her next album on her trip to Los Angeles, this year.

Kamil Rustam on the additional guitars, Eddie Brown on Organ B3, Devin Brunel and Maurice Smith on backing Vocals, Etienne Mbappe on Bass, Nicolas Viccaro on drums and Julien Boursin on Keys, are the reasons not to miss this track in the much moving vocals by HYLEEN.

Check out ‘My Queen’

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